Our Berries


We have three varieties of blueberries at Madalea: Duke, Draper and Liberty.

Dukes are large, firm berries with a mildly tart flavour.  They are great for baking, canning and freezing and usually ripen in the middle of July.

Drapers are the second variety to ripen, beginning in late July or early August.  These berries are also large and have a stronger flavour than the Dukes.  Delicious for snacking on, fresh or frozen!

Our most popular variety is the Liberty which usually ripens in mid August.  Jam packed with sweetness, we guarantee that you will be back – mouth stained blue – to pick up another box of this guilt free, anti-oxidant filled candy!

Obviously the ripening times of these varieties are dependent on what the growing season has been like.  For updates, check our website or follow us on Facebook and Instagram and find out when your favourite variety is ready.

Our blueberry plants are fed what they need to produce yummy berries. We do spray a foliar fertilizer as well as an anti-fungal spray to keep berries from molding. We do not have a need to spray pesticides on our berries, so we don’t!